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Friday, August 04, 2006

This is it!

7 months of work all boiled down to the launch today of my Spring/Summer 2007 line of ladies accessories!
Many hats with some bags to coordinate!

Folks flew in from across the US and Canada and before I knew it, as always, it was over. Thankfully it was well received and a sense of excitement fell over everyone.
Now it's time for them to sell sell sell!!

...and it's time for me to dive further into the development of the NEXT LINE for Autumn/Winter 2007!! Yeeowza! And people wonder why I've already started dating my checks for 2007! It's a hard habit to break!

After the meeting, we all piled onto a yellow school bus (efficient way to move 20 some odd people at once!) and drove uptown to Casa La Femme North for Egyptian food and some belly dancing! At one point there were 3 drink I did what any red-blodded girl would do and tried them all!
Yes, there I am shakin' it with the belly dancer! The photo to teh right is my boss, also shakin' it with the belly dancer!

Fun was had by all!!! to figure out where we'll go after the next launch! It's only 5 months away in January! Phew!


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