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Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Last Day

Today was M's last day here. Tonight Dan will fly with her out west for a few days of camping with family. Unfortunately I have to work and have to miss the fun!
So what'd we do today aside from packing?

Pinhole Camera Fun!!!

I know this one is also in the loop above, but I love her concentration -- it deserves its own close-up! Above you'll see M figuring out where to set the camera for the shot, Dan helping her check her choice, the timing of the shot, and a photo of M when she jumped intot he shot hoping to get a ghost of herself on the film.

I can tell that there will be many more days of pinhole fun ahead!

Tomorrow's a big day!
I'll launch my newest line (Spring/Summer 2007!!)

Keep those fingers crossed!!

Safe flight to Dan and M -- they should be somewhere over middle America right now!


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