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Monday, July 31, 2006

Forbidden Pleasures

Today I joined Dan and M at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden (where Dan's office is) for Forbidden Pleasures --- the one day a year when employees and their family/friends can picnic and play games etc at the garden. They have a constant BBQ too! Yum!

This was also the first year they had the BBQ Olympics! The competition was tough.
3-legged race, Marshmallow relay, pass the banana (from your knees to the next persons' knees) and the dizzy bat!

It was the perfect speed for me in the heat (and with the darn cold!) I was able to sit beneath the trees and be fairly still, yet still be there. M enjoyed the bouncy house and the sprinkler the best! Thankfully the folks who ran the bouncy house had a 5 minute limit per round so that no one over heated.

Hmmmm....What else??

Today marked the two year anniversary of Dan's being in New York! Yeah for Dan being in New York! So to celebrate we went over to try Grimaldi's Pizza! We'd both heard good things about it and decided that tonight was the night! M was enthralled at watching them make our pizza and put in to the firey brick oven...but she was even happier to eat it!! Yum!

After dinner we went for a stroll down by the water's edge and stopped for some homemade Brooklyn ice cream. I like this photo Dan took of us beneath the Brooklyn Bridge (although I do look rather piggish holding his ice cream while eatting mine now don't I?) It was a great day!!!

Back to work tomorrow!!


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