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Monday, July 17, 2006

The First Day of REAL CAMP!

Today was M’s first day of real camp! Real camp in the mind of a seven year old constitutes that there is uniform (tshirts) and a camp issued back-pack and they have a CAMP CHEER which we practiced over and over all weekend. Of course she wasn’t quite so thrilled with it when Dan and I awoke her this morning my loudly singing it to her! Hee hee hee!

Dan will be dropping her at the bus mornings and I’ll collect her from a bus stop near to my office evenings. This evening when I went to meet her I waited. And waited. One bus goes by and stops 3-4 blocks down… it leaves. I wait. I call my office to have them confirm from the chart on my desk that I’d written it down right. I wait. I wait. I am NOT LEAVING MY POST – I WAIT.

Meanwhile another bus comes by and stops one block up. I think – this is the bus and I’m at the wrong stop… the bus just sits there. I stand where I am because you KNOW if I leave to check it out her bus will come and I will not be there! Dan calls me… they MOVED the BUS STOP and never told us… that WAS the bus (my gut knew it!)
At least I’ll know from now on! Phew – day one of camp was fun!
Let’s see what tomorrow brings!


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