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Sunday, July 30, 2006


Yes - I've lived in and/or worked in NYC for over 12 years...and I'd NEVER been to Coney Island! A shocker, I know! Today was the day!!! Yippee!!!!

It was a ROASTER out there so being able to get those cool breezes off the beach was a nice thought indeed! We hopped on the subway and made the long journey out to the end of the Q to meet up with Dan's cousin Jenny (go check out her new blog, she's hoping to get some college credits for it!!) at Nathan's Famous for a hot dog and fries before heading over to the boardwalk! After a nice viewing of the beach and boardwalk we journeyed to Astroland to take a ride on the famous Cyclone rollercoaster... but...sadly M was a little too short and we wouldn't ride it without her! Instead we headed over to the log ride (water ride) where we all piled into 2 logs and zoomed around hoping for as much splashing water as possible! From there, after some water, we meandered over to the Scrambler where M and I climbed up into one of the big seats and "rode till the ride didn't spin no mo'!" Weee-haw!!!
Next stop? A moment of rest on a bench on the boardwalk with some more water while Dan took a photo with the pinhole camera. Meanwhile Meg played in the sand... Sand angels anyone? The day was nearing an end and we decided it was time for one last ride... so Dan and M hopped onto the Tilt-a-Whirl. Along the journey out we HAD to stop and pop a quarter into the fortune teller's machine down in the arcade! Oooooh! Spooky!
An ice cream bar from the vending machine and another bottle of water and we were off to the subway for the long ride home!
After the journey home, we relaxed for a little while then Dan and Meg jumped back into pinhole camera fun!
Me? Well -- I've been fighting this cold for a few days and felt it best to just sit and relax...the low grade fever was making me think twice! Although Coney Island in that heat might not have been the smartest choice for my cold -- darn it was FUN!!


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