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Friday, July 28, 2006

Firsts and Lasts

Today was M's last day of "real camp" she is getting off of the bus for the last time! One of her councelors gave her a "REAL STAFF SHIRT!" that you can see her clutching in her hand. She just LOVED Oasis! Being able to swim so much was definately her favorite part. She's a total water baby. Who knows, perhaps she'll be a competitive swimmer! I liked the different daily themes that the camp had to keep things fun!! Well done Oasis!!
Dan had planned a little special surprise for us after I picked her up!! We sat and enjoyed a lemonade and then hopped on a subway to shoot straight downtown! Why? Baseball baby!!

Tonight I went to my FIRST baseball game in New York. You see - I'm a life long Red Sox fan which has proven to be difficult livingi n NYC!
BUT -- Dan surprised us with tickets to see the Brooklyn Cyclones vs. the Staten Island Yankees at the Staten Island site.

First we took the free Staten Island Ferry over (photo above shows another ferry just like the one we were on as it passes us). It's a great ride and we passed our beautiful Lady Liberty. Upon arrival I realized that we were sitting in the home teams side, but rooting for the away team...thankfully there was a group much louder and more obnoxious than we would have been cheering the Cyclones on too!

Of course we indulged in a ballpark dinner!! And when all was said and done - the score was 10-6 -- the Cyclones WON!!! Yippee!

The night ended with a wonderful fireworks display and return ferry ride which dropped us right at the foot of the subway that we needed to take!

A great first baseball game in New York! Yippee


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