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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Back pack fix

What a busy night last night!
After getting m, we dashed to the market and then home to make a chicken pot pie (yum!)
and salad etc. Oooh - and I picked up a nice bottle of white burgundy - double yum!

While i cooked, M lounged in the garden reading her book. She bumped her knee at camp and had a nice little bruise forming. Her first camp wound! I can't even COUNT how many I had over the years!

After dinner, yes with only 3 days left at camp, I put shoulder straps, padded shoulder straps, on M’s backpack.

That thing is awful to carry! OUCH! She went through my fabrics and picked a print called “Giggles” with little bugs and butterflies on it.

The addition to her bag is JUST in time for spirit day tomorrow!

As I sewed, Dan and she worked more on the making of the pinhole camera.
She got to paint the inside of the box black. One step closer to giving it a try! Yeah!


Blogger J. said...

wow looks like fun, wanna come make sundaes at my house - I have 5 small people descending (6 if you count the baby) on me in a 10 days! I always loved camp too.

10:40 AM


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