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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Whirlwind Weekend!

The weekend came and went in a flash.

Saturday began with laundry, the spring cleaning kind where you drag even your curtains the multiple blocks to be cleaned. Sadly the machines at the new (and only) laundromat in my neighborhood (there wasn't any for a while) has extendedly long was cycles -- 47 minutes long!!! -- which I didn't know until the clothes were in and wet! Dan and M arrived as all was startng and we popped across to the West Side Cafe -- really a diner. They make REALLY good smoothies (try the Razzamataz!)

After breakfast I went back to hit the laundry while Dan and M went to see Rumple Who? Sadly laundry wasn't done in time and I missed it. M said it was "REALLY GREAT!" which was the hope I'd had when I got the tickets.
I met up with them downtown and we did a spot of shopping... The Container Store (in search of a perfect box for a pinhole camera - but walked away with a snazzy new dish drainer), Home Depot and Barnes & Noble (books, gifts and research for work!)
Then we lugged it all home for buffet night (leftovers night!) We had put off M's suprise from Friday night (she had a wee tummy ache) and after her shower - voila...
Bananas, 2 types of sprinkles, chopped nuts, whip cream, cherries (green lime flavored ones and one real cherry for me), cookie sticks, Godiva (not for M obviously), warm caramel, FLUFF, warm fudge, Hershey's syrup and 3 flavors of ice cream!
A good YUM was had by all!!
Sleep came easily and soon the house was quiet!

I awoke early and couldn't sit still! So I dashed out for a few things (paper, fruit) and soon all were at the table enjoying a nice breakfast while reading the paper or a new book bought yesterday!

Sunday also brought the start of building a pinhole camera! M learned how to use a compass to draw a circle and lots about measuring with a ruler. Meanwhile I went through 3+ months of non-urgent mail and unpacked the bits of clean laundry left behind in all too many suitcases.
Wow! There WAS floor under there!
Early evening my brother and his family arrived to share dinner in the garden...AND I'd finally get to meet my new nephew!! They were passing through and since we didn't know what time they'd arrive we ordered in from a new Japanese spot in the neighborhood -- Tokyo Pop. The food was good & a bit offbeat.

They call it a Japanese Bistro...

Menu items list mashed potatos with the beef teriyaki and creme fraiche with another dish. The homemade pork Gyoza - YUM! The girls had fun playing in the ever growing dress-up trunk too!

After they all left I finally took the time (it's only been 2+ years!) and I hemmed the curtains in the living room!! A job long over due!

Now I need to decide...
Do I pony up the cash and buy the really nice top-down/bottom-up blinds for the bedroom or what?
Damn they are $$$...and I don't own this place!
...but it would make such a difference!


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