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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

A perfect example of why I love NYC...

After I dropped M off at camp I stopped for a bite-to-go.
As I left the tiny French Patisserie and walked back into the thick humid air there was a woman in a Burka sitting on a bench selling the major NYC newspapers from a box top in front of her, a black man with beautiful braids having a conversation with two older women seated on a bench - one Eastern European looking with her grey curlered hair wrapped in a scarf and the other Italian looking, still wearing the shocking black hair she'd likely had some 60+ years before...both laughing loudly at whatever yarn he was spinning.
Just past them there was a young woman with 2 small children playing and giggling.
It was a very beautiful site but I didn't take a photo for fear I'd disturb it.

I really love New York!


Blogger Celia said...

Nice word picture, though.

6:35 PM


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