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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Up to my Elbows!

After a fun night out last night we rose early and dove in to the garden. I got many pots planted in the morning while Dan worked on restructuring parts of the garden. Leveling out one section (right) to both prepare for the next gardening step as well as making room for the compost/soil to come.

What does a girl need with all of that soil/compost?
We're putting in a raised bed to the left of the big plank shown here (left). We also await the arrival of some special bamboo plants (clumping - don't worry they won't invade my neighbors gardens) as well as some bamboo edging. It's going to look SO COOL!

Bring on the soil!

Just as the day began to roll - the sun came out and of course...the boys loved that -- lounging up on the table out of the way but in the middle of it all... Getting just enough sun but allowing the Apple tree to block most of it.

Later in the night we gathered ourselfves together and dashed downtown to The Living Room for some live music and time with friends. What a great day!


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