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Saturday, May 06, 2006


What's that time? Time to get the garden going! Really it's overdue, but I've got to be IN TOWN to do it!

We rented a minivan and headed out of the city today -- up to the Matterhorn Nursery. This place is fabulous and just a wee drive up the Palisades to Spring Valley from Manhattan!

We FILLED the minivan with plants and raced back tot he city... got a bit waylayed and missed my friend Hank's gig (bad me!) as well as missing hanging out with a few friends... BUT - we DID get the plants for the garden!

Now to get them into the ground!!!

That will begin tomorrow!

BEFORE we rented the car etc we headed down to the Loews AMC for the last of our tickets to Tribeca Film Fest shows... and saw Jesus Camp.

You NEED to watch for it on A&E... it will be shown there as well as hopefully being show at some cinemas around the country. Go on over and take a look at the website.
Really - shocking and amazing. Done by the same ladies over at Loki Films that made The Boys of Baraka.


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