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Monday, May 01, 2006


What a wonderful weekend! Friday night we checked out ribot on East 48th and 3rd Avenue -- YUMMY! I'd guess the place is packed during the work week, but seemed rather empty for a Friday night (the neighborhood is a bit of a ghost town after work on Friday.) Kobe beef carpaccio, fresh imported buffalo mozzerella, lamb chops, fava bean salad, pork name a few tasty things we ate... oooh and a lovely bottle of wine. YUM!

Saturday while Dan was volunteering his time to speak about plant conservation at NY Grows in Manhattan, I journeyed over to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden for Sakura Matsuri (the Cherry Blossom Festival!) The photo on the left I took as I wandered around... the photo on the right I took as I looked up from reading Yarn Harlot while seated beneath the tree. Every few minutes the wind would pick up and a steady snow-storm of cherry blossom petals would flutter all around. So lovely!

I finished Yarn Harlot this weekend! Parts of it had me laughing so loud that people on the subway seemed almost offended that I was enjoying my book that much.
I met up with Dan later and we walked over to Park Slope for some dinner. We stumbled upon Coco Roco, Peruvian cuisine. Yum. Ceviche, roast pork, flank steak, veggies... also mojitos and pisco sours... yum! The service was very slow - but the place was PACKED. (Can you tell that I enjoyed the food enough to make excuses for the staff?)

Sunday we met Jo over at ino's on Bedford. I really love that place. Great paninis! Gonna miss Jo when she returns to Singapore in a few weeks. I'm hoping she returns SOON! Keep those fingers crossed that the job she has applied for comes through!

From there we wandered to The Point (it's only 1/2 a block from 'inos!) I bought 1 skein of Austermann Step (color 06-silt grey/schlamm) for a pair of socks for Dan. This yarn has Aloe and Jojoba oil in it? He liked the colors... I wonder how it'll feel to knit with. I'll keep you posted! I'll head back to The Point tomorrow night to meetup with Celia (of Unraveling fame) who's visiting here from the West Coast! Yeah, it's been too long since I was able to make it to an SnB!

We went to see another Tribeca Film Festival Screening --- Street Thief. I really enjoyed it! Perhaps it'll be picked up and distributed!
Tonight were off to another Tribeca Film Festival Screening --- Animated New York -- curated by Bill Plympton.


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