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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Wednesday in HK

Breakfast brought the usual... including jams and honey from Australia.

We met Tony on the Central side of the Star Ferry and hopped the 260 Bus to Stanley Market located on the back side of Hong Kong Island. Mag had a meeting back in Dongguan and would join us later that night. We wandered around and purchased scarves, gifts and some art... Bartering down as best we could (an average of 15-20%.)

We wandered in front of one of my favorite Vietnames/Thai restaurants and popped in for a fantastic meal of green curry, pinapple and seafood rice, mixed veggies and 2 Salads - green papaya with rare beef and Pomello with shrimp. YUM! Topping it off was sitting in a room with the windows open and a view of the China Sea with its blue water.

Next stop...Victoria Peak where we walked the 2 mile Peak Walk that takes you around the top of the Peak so you cab view Hong Kong Island from all sides. A lovely walk, interesting trees and beautiful butterflys. Sadly our view of the lands below was block by the constant rolling fog. We were able to catch a quick glance from time to time...but never a long view to the mountains that you can see when it's clear.

As we took the Tram down from Victoria's Peak, working our way back to the Star Ferry, the clouds began to part a little...but it remained fairly clouded.

Onwards to Remy Fashions to try on and pick up the suits & shirts. I've never seen anything fit either of my parents as well as these suits! We were all so wrapped up in looking at the details of the beautiful work that was done, that I forgot to take photos! Rest assured, I'll get one from Mom & Dad, they plan to wear them the week after returning when they go out for a nice nice night to celebrate their 40th Anniversary!

After changing, we met Tony at Sabitini at the Royal Garden Hotel - as always a fantastic Italian restaurant. The live roaming trio, once again, sung and played their hearts out with such tight harmony! Wow! Mom thought she may stump them, but after a moment of thinking way back, they sung “You'll Never Know.” They followed with a few more of our request before moving along.

Since we were on vacation, we went across town to meet Mag after her dinner meeting for drinks at AQUA. Although the view from AQUA is always great and they have an excellent mix master behind the bar... They insist on playing the music so damned loud that it physically hurts. Those poor waitresses...the damage to their ears will be irreversible. We enjoyed a few laughs (where we could see each other laughing but couldn't hear the laughter!) and one round then left before too long because of the noise. Really is too bad...if they turned it down a fraction, everyone would be more comfortable.

Tomorrow we'll stop by the Hong Kong Post and ship some of our goodies home, then fly to Xi'an! Exciting for me as it's an all new stop!


Anonymous Debbie said...

Found your blog while googling for yarn and Shanghai -- my husband is traveling that corner of the globe this week, along with Dongguan and Hong Kong. Looks like there's no excuse for him not to come back with yarn!

11:57 AM


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