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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

So many fun things!

So little time...
The days are ticking away...I'm off to China for a MONTH on Monday... so we've been packing in the days and nights with as much fun as possible! This week will include a Mardi Gras celebration, 2 plays and the opera. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Plus working feverishly to finish Dan's hat before I fly on Monday.

Knitting: I'll be passing the swatches past Michelle tomorrow night for her Shapely Shrug. I'd like to work on it while I'm in China this month. Hopefully I'll have time to finish it! Meanwhile i've a few hours left on my fingerless gloves and likely 12 hours left to finish the Merino Wool cap I'm making for Dan.

NYC Theatre: I recommend Transatlantic Liaison now playing at Theater Row here in NYC thru April 2nd. We went to see it Saturday during previews.
For Show description: Click here.

Food: OK - SO the Brussels review will have to still wait (sorry!) But we had a lovely diner at Pastis last night. LOVE their burgers...I'd been craving one for weeks!!

Friends: Dejay and I zoomed to New Jersey this weekend to see our college roommate Nicole for her Baby Shower... although Quinn surprised everyone by arriving on Valentine's Day! When ever Dejay and I get together we have a's always an adventure... for instance... Teaching Dejay how to wrap an oversized box in an industrial parking lot amidst unbelievably high winds... After i stopped laughing we worked it out... she's really good at handing pieces of tape! [big grin]

Of course it was wonderful to see Nicole!!
A warm thank you to her clan for making us both feel so welcome!

Congra-tulations again my friend!!!

China Trip: Today I picked up my parents Passports with their new China Visas in them -- now we're set! Yeah! Only a few small details still to work out! Tick tick tick! Anyone going to the Chinese Consulate here in NYC... always beware that you need to have a project with you as the wait can be hours long... that said, I suggest a project that dosn't need 100% of your attention as they fly thru the numbers in an odd order and your number could come and go in a flash! When you see your number is only 2 spots away... get up an hover 'round the windows!

Shopping: Lord & Taylor is having their final winter clearance... This means thier Cashmere cardi's and tops are down to an unreal price of $30-$45 per piece - 100% Cashmere - in fantastic colors! Beware -- most styles are available in the midtown store in only XS & Small... but the Small is more of a Medium. I cleaned up on some classic pieces (great for travel!!)


Anonymous ck said...

YUM...cashmere for $45!???!! Wish we had a lord and taylor here :)

4:33 PM

Anonymous isela said...

I think any consulate office in NY takes eons to get to the front of the line. Enjoy your trip :)!

I scored some very nice cashmere sweaters over at Dillards--way, way cheap :). They really keep one nice and toasty.

5:32 PM

Anonymous Eva Shiu said...

Hi Kimberli,

When you will come to HK ? Let's us know earlier so we can arrange meet up !

Have a nice trip !


2:25 AM

Blogger Stacie said...

quite the world traveler! May I live vicariously through you? have a great trip to China! Knit on!

2:30 PM


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