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Sunday, October 30, 2005

What a DAY!

My day began when I met up with Tara (right in photo) --- who was only here (NYC) for the day...she leaves for home (San Diego) today.

We browsed some bead shops, I gave her a tour of my new collection and we hopped a cab downtown to meet Kerry (left in photo) at Ino Cafe and Wine Bar located down on Bedford.

Simply put -- YUM! It reminds me of the country style Italian cuisine that I enjoy when in Italy. YUM! Panino, soprasat...TRUFFLE OIL! MMmm MMMmmmmm!

From there we wandered around - shopped a little...
I finally stopped by The Point (cafe & Yarn shop) got a little something for my SP6! and then and I introduced the gals to Beard Papa's. Yummy cream puffs!

I had to dash to the salon - got the best color and cut that I've had in YEARS!!
Bought some boots (now let's see if they can really stretch them!)

Met Allegra at Tsampa --- a favorite of ours -- Tibetan food. Bring on the Mo Mo's!!!

Then hopped a cab (got shagged in traffic) and changed back into my prior night's costume to head to the Hotel Giraffe with Morgan (as Kelly from Saved by the Bell) to meet up with her fella and his friends!

A grand time was had by all!!! I met some really nice people too!

I can't believe that I got to see 4 - FOUR - of my favorite gals in one day!!! What a GREAT GREAT DAY!!!


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