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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Vacation came at a much needed, but much stressful time. Things at work are tense. A recent hiring freeze will leave me assistantless for an unkown amount of time and further cuts will be down the pike soon I'm sure!
Because of all of this and some last minute chanegs (12hrs before my flight!) on a major account, I wasn't able to relax as much as I'd hoped...but my lily white skin did get it's years worth of SPF covered freckling and I did get to spend some much needed time with some dear college pals that I don't see nearly enough of.

Yes, Dmitri's eyes are closed -- trust me - it's better than the other one!

Gene and Beth were able to join us and left their two great kids with Grandma and Grandpa -- a first for them in many years! DeJay and Matt spearheaded the group - thanks for all the planning work you put in Deej! Dmitri and I were happy companions to the crew.
We began the celebratory weekend with a lovely meal out at Tarpon Bend (apparently a chain?)...DeJay and I enjoyed some raw Oyster Shots (in a tasty hot sauce!) as well as a few rounds of Mojitos (it was 2 for 1 after all!)

The following day we checked out the local Outlet Mall (the wierdest set-up I've ever seen for a mall mind you.) and popped into the Rain Forrest Cafe for a bite and a cake for Gene since it was his birthday! Being that it was Gene's Birthday...he got to choose the festivities for the night! We piled into our MicroBus and zoomed over to Dave & Busters where we played many rounds of pool followed by a few hours of game playing -- all to earn enough tickets to buy Gene his birthday preset -- a metal insulated D&B Coffee Mug! Here we see Dmitri showing us his strength. We also ended up closing the place up --- amazing how early places close outside of NYC -- I always seem to forget that since the three main places I go ou t outside of NYC are Hong Kong, London and Tokyo -- and they are open later than NYC!
After D&B's we headed back to one of the suites and played cards until security was called on us to quiet down at 4am... Who knew? I can't imagine what would have happened if we were really whoopin' it up --- I guess we've still got it! LOL!

Then next morning it was Spa time! Love me those Hot Stone Massages! Wooooooooooo-yah!
Matt & Gene went out in the marsh land - er - muddy golf course - and shot 18. Beth and Gene had to head home a few days earlier and we wished them a safe flight home!
The rest of the vacation consisted of eating, relaxing by the pool, a spot of shopping and 2 of us catching Matt's cold (DeJay and I.) We ended the trip with an evening sipping drinks at Tatu's. Apparently girls want a nice photo and boys simply want a view down a low-cut dress ...
The boys definately had more than their share...amazing what faces they can make when enhanced by a bit of alcohol.

The vacation ended all too soon with an all day visit to the Fort Lauderdale airport awaiting our flight home where we were greeted by the rains that the northeast has been experiencing these past few weeks.

Fun was had by all! Wonder where we'll go next?


Anonymous Dani said...

Welcome home Chica! SO happy you had fun and got some much needed downtime - despite the pre-departure turmoil!

11:33 PM

Anonymous ck said...

Looks like great fun! You look much more relaxed later in the trip ;)

10:21 AM

Blogger Delia said...

Gotta love a great vacation - there's nothing better in the world!

7:47 PM

Anonymous marjorie said...

Good you have a vacation. I'm going to Singapore tomorrow. Can't wait!

1:53 AM


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