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Thursday, October 27, 2005


After a long day I decided to take myself to the movies. I rarely ever go to the cinema's not as enjoyable for me...but I've really wanted to see this film before I head back to Asia in a few days! OY!

Curtousy of Fandango: Directed by George Clooney, this film details the conflict between newscaster Edward R. Murrow and Sen. Joseph McCarthy during the 1950s, one that had Murrow defying corporate sponsorship as he and his news team reported on the tactics of McCarthy's Un-American Activities Committee. McCarthy accused Murrow of being a communist and a huge public feud erupted. The McCarthy/Murrow feud is considered a huge leap forward for objective journalism.

I really enjoyed it. Its pauses gave you time to absorb the information and I really liked that they chose to make it in black and white -- made it all the more powerful!

Afterwards I met Morgan for dinner at the Italian cafe right next door to the cinema. I swear she's like the mayor of this place! We got the extra special treatment!!!

Back to meetings I go!


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