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Thursday, October 20, 2005

In my Life

Last night I spent the evening with my good freinds, Tara and Brian, who were in visiting from San Diego still. We went to Compass and then met up with Dmitri and headed to Times Square.

I'd scored us some tickets to see a performance of "In My Life" on its last night of previews.

The show's description from
***It is an existential musical about a boy and girl who fall in love in contemporary Manhattan, but with a catch—the boy has Tourette Syndrome and the girl suffers from insecurites that make romance unlikely. As if that weren't enough to make this new tuner stand out from the crowd of new fall shows, it should also be noted that In My Life doesn't exactly all take place in New York City. "It happens on two planes," Brooks, who also directs the piece, explains. "One half of the show is here on earth and the other half is in this other place, which we call heaven." ***

The critics/media have been very cold to it saying things like "I don't know why it had to be made" or "This show is about God as a jingle writer"...
um... It probably didn't have to be made and yes there is a jingle writer that is a character. It's a silly show but it gives us a chance to meet WINSTON! One of the funniest characters I've ever seen. Winston is an angel, formerly an accountant before he died, and he's setting out to write God's Opera. Oh yes, Winston, on all accounts, appears to be gay. David Turner really has fun and gives a great show as Winston! He can also thank Catherine Zuber for giving him such flamboyant and wonderful costumes to work with!

I'd go back to see again if only to see him -- damn he's witty.

Brian heads back west soon -- safe flight... hopefully I'll get to see Tara once more before she returns west.
Oh - and Brian -- good luck on the new job!!! Yeah!!!!


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