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Monday, October 03, 2005

A Great Read...A Bad Knit

After missing the Knit Out every time it's hit town I was excited to be able to go this year...

I must say that I was sorely disappointed with the NYC Knit Out & Crochet on Sunday.

I took my parents (who were visiting NYC) there after hitting the "Great Read in the Park" in Bryant Park.

To the left is a photo of my parents with our 4 bags of books!!! What fun!!!
The Great Read was sooooo well organized (and the used book tent was GREAT... scored a great knitting reference book!!)...

...the Knit Out was not. By 1pm (an hour after it had opened) many places were already out of info cards or give-aways... meanwhile many folks were wandering (and shoving) with multiples (arm loads) rather than just one for themselves. I just couldn't fight the crowds to get to the tables to see their presentations. After having my feet stomped on and my stomach elbowed repeatedly by over enthusiastic grabbers of leaflets, not to mention how my mother was also tossed about...we just left.
Very disappointing. Hopefully a few of you out there had a different experience.

I must say that even with that dissapointment the day was JUST LOVELY!!!
Mom and Dad returned home safely and I'll see them in a few weeks to do some leaf-peeping in the New Hampshire White Mountains!


Blogger Judy said...

Kimberli,thanks for all of the info. for tickets to the shows! It was very helpful. Feel free to give me your list of good restaurants. It was nice to read about how you treated your parents to a great visit to NY. I'm sure they will always treasure the trip.

3:36 PM

Blogger Catherine Kerth said...

i'm so sorry that the knit out was a bust! i guess even knitters are rude... you have very cute parents:) the strangest thing happened with my bloglines. it never notified me of your last 4 posts ;(

2:10 AM


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