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Sunday, October 02, 2005

A Day of Firsts

My folks came to visit this weekend, arriving Friday night. This, for me, is always fun because I get such little time with them. This particular weekend has been in the works for a while!

After a nice nights sleep we began he day with Mom opening the wrapped book she'd received and held for over a week -- it was a Libretto for Madama Butterfly. It was then she was told that tonight we would be going to the NYC Opera to see Madama Butterfly sitting in Center Orchestra seats. This would be my Mom's (and my Father's and BF's) first opera.

First we left Dad (shown right) to work on putting together my birthday gift at my house and I took Mom to get a manicure and pedicure -- her first of both ever! Kerry joined us and we made a girls morning of it. Gave Mom a 10 minute massage at the salon too (another first!)

After returning to my apartment Mom (shown left) sat in the garden with her knitting on my chaise with just enough sun trickling thru the apple tree.

Everyone needs excuses to get all dolled up -- so this was ours! I'm so mad at myself for not having taken a photo of Mom in her pretty dress -- she looks wonderful (now has lost 44 lbs!!! Go Mom!)
A fancy dinner out followed by the Opera. Dinner... YUM --- Compass, Located on West 70th Street, just off of Amsterdam. A wonderful place -- great staff (besides out waiter who was both attentive and knowledgeable without being pushy or arrogant -- there were 2 other men clearing our plates.) The meal began with a Amuse Bouche (a flavor exploding bite given as a treat from the chef) of salmon over roasted turnip, spices and an acorn squash drizzle. The recommended wine was excellent... Appetizers, Entrees (I had the Monkfish Curry shown to the left) and Dessert (I had the chocolate ganache with olive oil ice cream - WOW!) were all wonderful! Dad said it was the best Duck he'd ever had! The coffee was delicious! Dmitri tried the prix-fixe paired with wine and had a smile on his face throughout teh meal! We were not rushed and enjoyed our 2 hours meal. When the bill was brought so was a plate of little snacks -- dark chocolate and earl grey tea chocolates, mini profiteroles and Pork rinds dipped in white chocolate (which the other 3 at my table loved!) After the bill was paid, the waiter brought us 4 small, individually wrapped coffee cakes to take home! (They made an awesome breakfast treat this morning!)
The Opera was great!!! We all enjoyed it! It was 3 hrs long with 2 intermissions. at each intermission Mom looked at me saying "an hour CAN'T have gone by already! Oh wow - it has!!"

We hopped a cab home and sat chatting -- but not too late as we had to get the Great Read in the Park this morning! More on that later!!!


Anonymous marjorie said...

Happy Birthday! What's your dad making for you? The monkfish looks yummy...hmmm

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