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Saturday, September 17, 2005

WE HAVE A WINNER...well...sort of
...and OPERA advice anyone?

So I counted all of the votes for the SP6 Button contest (from August 30th) and The Pin-up Girl won hands down (3-to-1).

So I typed all of the names in, printed, cut them up and asked Jessie if she'd select the winner (I think she thinks I'm a little crazy...)

So the winner is nyxxie!!

And I clicked on the comment nyxxie left me -- and VOILA --- Profile # 4590831 isn't viewable to the public... Awe -- c'mon -- PLAY NICE!!! I agree with Blogger, "If you're a Blogger user, we encourage you to enable access to your Profile."
Being that nyxxie chose the pin-up girl... makes me wonder what's under wraps on her blog...hmmmmmmm?

So - Nyxxie -- you've 'til Monday, September 19th @ Midnight NYC time to reveal ones self to me... Or we move on to a second pick! Those are the breaks. (I'm a fan of the tough love...) I've packed the names into a small ziplock baggie and they will journey with me to Hong Kong where a second name will be drawn if need be!!

OPERA FANS OUT THERE --- I have a question... if you're seeing an opera you've never seen before, it is worth while to read the Libretto before going? I've never read one. Also - what if it's your first opera? I like to see Broadway shows without having read the story... but then again opera could be in a language you don't speak and reading the super titles takes your eyes off of the stage... (I saw my first opera in Florence, Italy - sung in German with Italian supertitles... I speak neither but still followed along and enjoyed it!)
Thanks for your comment!!!

Another knitting note... The ladies here are RAVENOUS for yarn... they have used up the 32 large skeins we bought and they went out for more in order to reach their goal of 100 squares! I have only seen a few so far (keep picturing arriving at the office to find a pile...) and will post photos of some soon!!

My boss/partner in crime arrives here at the factory in a few hours and I've a few last things that I want to wrap up before he does!


Blogger Zarzuela said...

I wouldn't exactly call myself an Opera "fan" but I know enough to know that you will enjoy your experience more if you at least know what the basic plot line is and who the characters are. As you said, it's probably going to be in a language you don't understand which makes figuring things out a bit more difficult (and I always find that operatic singing is difficult to understand even if it IS in a language I know!). You'll be able to concentrate more on the music and the staging if you know what's going on. Just my two cents....


9:30 AM

Blogger mrspilkington said...

i'm also probably not qualified to comment, but...
i'd sa y read the libretto too. then you'll have an idea of the story and will be able to really enjoy the music and the spectacle without thinking too much about what's going on...i think. you'll just have to go to more operas and try different approaches! :) enjoy!

12:22 PM

Blogger Catherine Kerth said...

I know nyxxie... shes in roak with us! and i love opera, always be familiar with the story before going, it make it that more enjoyable:) still in china? safe trip home!!!!!

10:18 PM

Anonymous ck said...

I saw Madame Butterfly without reading anything ahead of time (other than the little blurb in the program) and I could understand what was going on fine. Madame Butterfly is pretty sad though...make sure you're in the mood if you decide on that one.

3:38 AM


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