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Friday, September 09, 2005

Good Packages and Bad Shrimp

The trip over was good. I had 3 seats all to myself (yes, I fly coach 15+ hours to China many times a year.) It’s a long flight but not so bad between the movies etc. The important thing is to have your knitting, a good book and a TV screen of your own (which means options for entertainment for all of those hours. This was my little slice of heaven on the flight over… giggles when reading and relaxation while knitting and watching some TV/Movies.

The night before I left I was excited to receive my final package from my Secret Pal (5) who hails from Australia! Thanks Nichola!!!
Before I spend the next few paragraphs excitedly telling you about the package --- go check out her blog – NikkiShell -- She’s auctioning off a knitters set of needle holders, bag, pin cushion and more with proceeds going to a family who has a child needing special medical care. Go GO GO!!! The auction closes Sept 16th.
handmade cardOK OK – So What is all of this stuff you see to the right? You WON’T BELIEVE just how lucky I (and my BF!!) are! FIrst was this beautiful card (left) that she made. Enclosed in the package was a circular needle holder and a crochet hook holder to match my previously received knitting needle holder. WOW right? But wait there’s MORE! After reading that my dear BF knits (he’s about to start his next project in fact!) Nichola made him a “Manly” knitting needle case with Black corduroy on the outside. It’s just wonderful!! He was so happy and surprised to receive it! Also – not to be forgotten or overlooked – There was some lovely Opal yarn and a cone of some fun pink yarn (it’s got a lovely texture.) PLUS – another Aussie Mag and a new PEZ (Cookie Monster!!!) for my collection. Hee hee!

The first day here in China went well. I got organized and planned out my next 11 days here. Finished the day at the usual (YUMMY!) Japanese Tepanyaki (hibachi) restaurant in the hotel. I thinking last night I figured I’ve eaten there nearly 100 times. Now what would get a girl to thinking about something like that? Perhaps the excruciating pain she’s experiencing from eating BAD SHRIMP! I was up all night last night – not my idea of a quick weight-loss scheme! I sit here having was my Aunt Anne calls a sick breakfast – tea and dry toast. J Feeling weak but a MILLION times better than when I was in the thick of my body rejecting the shrimp. It’s amazing how your body takes over and just fixes it at all costs! Yeowzah! Although my general rule in life is that I’ll try most things twice… this hopefully will be the exception!

knitty banOn a happier note – the new KNITTY is out!!! Go Check it out!!! A fellow NYC SnBer (although she gets her butt there a lot more than I do!) Heather Dixon– she has a Great Shrug called Lacey in one of my favorite colors!!!

A note for safety
My friend, Linda, passed this site to me. It shows you in a disaster how to carry your baby/toddler/small child on your person with household items (trousers/jeans, shirts, towels etc.) so that you have your hands free and can use both hads when needing to walk and steady yourself thru debris. This is also good knowledge if you find yourself or see someone else in a situation where their baby/child isn't safe and will be better to have the baby/child on them (ie: the Astrodome, shelters... any areas where you would usually have a stroller on hand.)
Check out: Babycarrying

Time to get back to work and get as much done as I can while I'm awake and feeling up to it. I"m sure after only 4-ish hours of sleep last night I'll need a nap! I still can't believe I'm feeling as well as I am! A big thanks to Sandi who helped me via telephone with the how to's of getting thru food poisoning. I only wish she hadn't gone thru it herself!


Anonymous Nichola said...

Hmmm, what happened to the Cherry Ripe? It doesn't seem to have made it into the photograph!
I'm glad you (and Dmitri) were happy with what i sent.

8:31 AM

Anonymous ck said... poisioning sucks. Hope the rest of the trip goes ok.

10:33 PM

Blogger Stacy said...

Still vicariously enjoying your travels...and especially pleased to see your backtack creation still getting use. **grin** ~Stacy

5:18 PM


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