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Monday, September 05, 2005

Washcloths and flying cars

This will likely be the last entry until I'm well in China.
A few things come to mind...

Our nation's tragedy in the Pan Handle -- continueing on the my soap-box... here's another group making a difference one wash cloth at a time that will be given to displaced Pan Handlers...
www.yarn.comSee: KNITNANA or simply sign up for the Cloths For Katrin KAL to help

Reminder of places to send funds, place change and send your extra linens/blankets etc:
Send your Extra Bedding (linens/quilts/afghans)

To my friends in Hong Kong -- I'll be seeing you for some knitting on September 24th. If any of you feel moved to knit up a square for a blanket (9" x 7") or a washcloth (I can forward some links for patterns if you don't have any) -- I'll gladly carry them back to the US and ship them to the needed parties.

A Page of links for everything from donating that spare change in the jar by your bed to whipping up some crafts to sell all in the name of lending a hand... these and many more can be found on Dani's Blog's Hurricaine Katrina Relief Efforts page. On a non-hurricaine note... if you haven't voted yet -- you've just over a week before I pick a name for a fun prize!!

Tomorrow - - - I was able to score some SUPER-inexpensive tickets to an early show of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang for Tuesday night. A nice way to spend my last night in NYC for a while.

I'm off to dig out my cotton yarn skeins so that I can knit up some washcloths & some wool yarn for squares for blanket squares while traveling! PACK!


Anonymous Siow Chin said...

Hi Kimberli, looking forward to see you on the 24th. I've got a biggish square (about 12"), do you think it'll be any good for the blanket?

10:30 PM

Anonymous Dani said...

I have 3 8 x 8 squares done so far for my SnB blanket and loving doing them!

Thanks for the link to my page - I hope it helps someone find some way they too can make a difference!

Have a safe trip and hurry home!!

11:36 PM

Blogger J. said...

do me a huge favor and say hi to Taipei for me - HK as well. I miss being there more than I thought I would and I must say I am jealous that you are heading back. Have a great trip and enjoy yourself, have a dumpling or 2 for me.

7:08 AM

Blogger bethanie said...

Kimberli! Thank you so much for the RAOK! I know I will use the yarn - you can't go wrong with black! Thanks so much - you made my day!

4:47 PM

Anonymous ck said...

Thanks for all the links.

Hope you have a great trip.

5:48 PM

Blogger Catherine Kerth said...

thanks for all the info, really appreciate always have a safe trip to china!

9:41 PM


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