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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Buy Yarn - Help the Red Cross
Today's post is mostly about charity - lots of good links too!

I saw this on the NYC Stitch-n-bitch yahoo group today.
Go to: and fill your little yarn-buying desire! They will donate 10% of all their sales through September 10th to the Red Cross relief fund.

Another SnB member had a great idea (thanks Ruth!) which I'll pass along! Monday, being a holiday, if you don't have anything planned, perhaps gather some of your kniteratti for some charity knitting. Ruth's planning some here (which I'm hoping to attend!) She brought up a great point that many of your local charities will also be effected when the funds go to help with the Katrina disaster.

SoudzukakiaLast night I made a pot of homemade Soudzukakia which is a Greek meatballs/sauce dish that I learned many years ago from the Greek foreign exchange student we'd hosted (I healthed it up a bit...changed ground lamb to ground turkey --- not quite as tasty but my arteries thanked me!) As I sat watching Dateline and the coverage of Katrina -- I felt guilty that I have a freezer full of food and that I was sitting there alone with leftovers while so many on the television were wondering when their next meal was going to be! I sit here feeling so helpless. At least after 9/11 I was able to help a little by opening my home to more than a dozen friends & pets who needed a place to stay while their homes were being cleared as inhabitable down town. I've donated what I can financially afford to the Red Cross... What else to do???

Some links I've found:
If you have room and can offer up housing to victims of Katrina: I clicked on print a full list and it's heartwarming to see offers posted NATIONWIDE from kind folks willing to help!
You can also go to Craig's List in any of the effected areas...housing offers have begun to be posted there.

LA/SPCA -- What they provide: food and shelter for pets that have been separated from their owners.

AmeriCares -- What they provide: relief shipments of cleaning supplies, personal hygiene products, and other basics.

America’s Second Harvest --What they provide: hunger relief.They also need: donations of food, transportation, and products (bottled water, utensils, bleach, disinfecting household cleaning items, and diapers).

Wishing I could do more -- but perhaps one of you will read this and have housing you can offer up or a garage full of cleaning items without a clue how to donate them!

SoudzukakiaOn a final note for the day... I began reading At Knit's End on my way to work today.
I think I giggled at 95%+ of the entries (and I'm only up to page 26!!) Many of these I've though myself and yes -- reading it is like coming home (and realizing I'm not crazy afterall!) I kept noticing folks on the subway doing the head "bob & weave" as they tried to catch a glimpse of the cover to see what I was reading! A great way to start the day! Off to the subway now for some more giggles!


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