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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Good Ole Pals!

Firstly -- if you haven't voted (there are prizes to be had!!!) So click here to read and vote!!
Secret Pal 6 -(Help me pick) A Button Contest I've also adjusted one thing... since getting something from Asia is cool to those of us from the West, but not necessarily as cool to those of you in the East... if one of my pals from Asia wins...I'll send you a little something from these parts that you can't get there! Perhaps something KnitPick-y (since they don't ship internationally yet!)

The quandary....
Last night I sat down to go over my list of things to knit for Christmas... the dilemma... do I put down the sweater I'm knitting (and designing as I go) to knit up some Christmas gifts... or do I say heck with it and try like the dickens to knit like a mad woman later this fall (hmmm....with the craziness of work added to the picture...)
Anyway -- I've made some calls to have others gather measurements for me for gifts that I'd like to be a Christmas surprise... And the yarn is purchased! So...the h$rd w$rk is done!

Why am I having such a hard time with decision making these days? I guess I'm using up all decision cells at work these days! :-)

As I was dashing out this morning a ring at my bell brought me the following from Mr. FedEx man:
roses Thanks Jan for the cool Birthday Present! Jan's my dear friend from college -- we were 2 peas in a pod! Now life has taken us on our way... me in NYC and her with her VERY OWN BOUTIQUE ***Botticelli -- Generous Clothing for the Curvaceous Woman***(I'm so proud of her!!) in Providence, RI. Her store was voted Best in Rhode Island in Rhode Island Monthly Magazine!!!

The box contains 8 stemmed plastic glasses (good for garden parties!), 4 hot pink (left), 4 orange (right). And the great book (that somehow i haven't bought yet although it's been on my list!!) At Knit's End MEDITATIONS for WOMEN who KNIT TOO MUCH by the Yarn Harlot.
Chanel enjoyed the gift too! I dropped a piece of the tissue that had wrapped some glasses and voila -- just add cat! It DOES make such a cool noise though, doesn't it?
Chanel and the tissue

rosesI think the pink and orange stemmed cups will go well for the next girls night...
I can use them with this gift that my brother gave me for Christmas. (I pulled these out at the last party and the girls HOWLED...and of COURSE wanted to use them!) They are Glass Slippers -- fluffy feathered glass slippers! So funny! (PLUS --- the men don't steal sips of your drinks when your glass is wearing this!!)

I popped the book in my bag (it's smaller than regular paperback size) and will make great Subway reading!!!

I stopped by my favorite magazine shop on the way to work today (Around the WOrld, Inc. -- In'tl & Domestic Fashion Pulbications located at 28 West 40th street across from Bryant Park) and proceeded to lug some 25lbs of magazines to work. I'll be checking out the new magazine "ELLE Accessories"...
I'll let you know my oppinion as soon as it's formulated!

Oh - I also joined the Rowan International yesterday. I wonder if they'll send me the new issue (38) or start with the next one? Time will tell!

Finally -- if you want a giggle -- check out this pattern for the WillyWarmer -- I love the "Please note: "elastic yarn does allow for size variations"."

Back to work I go! Cheers!


Blogger Catherine Kerth said...

what a great friend! the willy warmer is really funny!

9:31 PM

Blogger Nik said...

happy birthday :)

5:49 PM

Blogger Jody said...

Just wanted to give a BIG thank you to you for the beautiful yarn that you sent. What makes it all the more special is that you had it wound in CHINA! You are awesome!!!

6:12 PM


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