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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Birthday Festivities

This year I wasn't racing out to celebrate my birthday. Not for fear of turning another year older, but because I'd been so busy that keeping it quiet would be nice.

That didn't happen -- and it was still nice!

A week before said birthday my BF swooped in to take me on an adventure to New Jersey. (Insert joke here.)
We drove through some back roads, into and out of some small cities and just when I was feeling almost like he was lost, we parked on the street in a suburb of Jersey City. We got out of the car, all dressed up, carrying 3 bottles of wine. He looked confused.

The clues:
*Bring an appetite
*BYOB -- I'd brought a selection of wines since I had no idea the cuisine ahead of me.

We wandered up into the houses in this suburban neighborhood. I followed as he walked into a strangers home. Total confusion cleared up as I realized this house was an intimate reservation only restaurant.

The destination? 15 Fox Place, Jersey City, NJ

The house is set up with tables in all of the rooms, including the bedrooms, creating quite an intimate setting. The homes kitchen is, well, the kitchen! The owners have another "regular" restaurant nearby, but not as intimate and special as this one.

They offer one seating per night (open only a few nights a week) and everyone in the house eats the same meal. To some of you that might sound scary to not have a choice of what to eat, but have no fear, you won't go hungry no matter your likes and dislikes! The meal began at 7:15pm and we grazed through 17 courses until we had enjoyed the final course at nearly 11pm.

If you want to treat yourself or a loved one to a lovely, albeit glutenous, night - GO! Enjoy!!

The following weekend I really had decided to keep it quiet during the birthday...but my amazing group of friends began to call asking for a drink out or dinner (thank you all!) Rather than running all over I decided to take them to my favorite noodle soup dive in Chinatown followed by catching Julie and Julia at the cinema. (I'd already seen it on opening day 2 days prior - so good!) After the cinema we popped into a pub for a drink to bring in the actual birthday at midnight -- and yes, there was cake!!

But wait - there's MORE!
I was told drinks were a MUST ON ones birthday... so after Monday's work day, many of us journeyed to AYZA Wine & Chocolate Bar. Tasty treats, chocolates and libations were enjoyed by all!!! (Did anyone get photos??) Thanks to all for a very memorable and fun Birthday celebration.

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