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Thursday, February 05, 2009

In knitting...

A long overdue look at the WIPs , UFOs and FOs...

The biggest FO? The felted intarsia bag I designed for Debbie Stoller's next Stitch 'n Bitch book (the advanced one.)

The photo sample has been done for a few months (weeee) and I think she's got everything she needs from me to go forward.

It's here that I must admit how much I like using Knit Visualizer on my Mac for charting. Oooh-la la!!!
More on that as the months progress!!

A long overdue congratulations to my friend Shannon Okey for her recent placement as EDITOR of Yarn Forward magazine!! I'm hoping to collaborate with her on some things inthe near future. More on THAT as the months progress too!

On the sticks:
*Wrapping up the two-stranded man's skully (in Frog Tree Alpaca).
*Stained Glass Scarf (in Frog Tree Alpaca) from handknit holidays - double-knitting.
*Mermaid mits
*cotton child's hat for the next Bonadurer coming this month!

And did you see the article in the Observer this week? Yeah for Knitty City & Ravelry for the shout out!

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Blogger Delia said...

Hey there - I got your comment about Italy and YES! I am going to be in Florence. Any yarn store recommendations would be highly appreciated!

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