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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Some things are too fun to leave behind!

I took these photos on my last whirlwind trip a few months back in China but never took the time to post them. Now's as good a time as any eh?

It seems where ever I go in Asia, the women like to show the peace sign, with both hands.
Here I was asked to show it with my ails out since she had just done them. There had been a small battle amongst the gals as to who'd get to do the white ladies nails (there aren't many white ladies who visit that region and even less who go to the local mall to get their nails done) but as always - when in Rome!

I asked her to give me what was the MOST popular thing right now in nail fashion locally.
She did!

Fingers: Sparkle PLENTY!

Toes: Dressed in flowers and sparkle too!

There was even a feller now working there. I liked his tattoo which seemed to cover an unusual looking scar. See how he's on that tiny stool? No fancy seats or massage chairs here! Just a bucket with warm water for a soak and then they get to work!

I have to make prints of the photos with the nail gal for her booth before I go back in 2 weeks. She said it would "up her cred" to have a photo with her Caucasian customer.

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