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Friday, January 23, 2009

Rockin' and Rollin'

Jane's been telling us for the longest time that we need to come hear her friend Orion and his band play (The Orion Experience). Sadly every time she's announced a show, I've been busy. But...not this time! She gave me enough notice that it was planted in my calendar and voila!

Mercury Lounge, Thursday night, 10pm.

SJ & Hiromi were able to join me and we met Jane and her pals there too!

The band: Front man, Orion Simprini on lead & vocals.
Linda Horwatt shown here in the sequined shirt and cape, sings vocals and plays a little keyboard. Not pictured, guitarist Reef, drummer Jon Weber and bassist Chris Lucas.

Catchy tunes like "Obsessed with You" have set You Tube on fire with Fan videos containing coked-up Mr. Potato Heads, teen age girls and stalker fans.
Even Perez Hilton has sung their praises!

Check out their new video:
Obsessed with You.

One aside... I really liked the performance. The band seems to have a great chemistry and their tunes kept my attention through out the set. I've since met Orion twice off stage and he's a lovely fellow. BUT...No more white trousers!!! I think that was the thing I heard most from the women in the audience. Whispers of "They're great, but what's with the white pants on the men?" Yes, the next band also had men sporting (tighter) white - still a no no. They just don't look good!!

Orion, call me up before your NBC gig and we'll put together a great outfit for nationwide consumption! (A white suit on no no! TV adds 10lbs before you add a WHITE SUIT!!!)

Towards the end of the set Yuko was able to stop in too! After the music we headed down the block for a feast of Turkish and Middle Eastern delights.

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