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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Jane!

Jane joins us this month in the 30s club!!!
It's nice that we were able to meet the lovely Jane while on the singles weekend away last Memorial Day weekend. My friend and I had booked the 4 day weekend away, single, a few months in advance. By the time we went, we were no longer single but thought we'd go for the heck of it.

Let's just say the sports and activites by day were lovely. It's the lusty 15-year-old boys attitudes that were carried by the 30/40/50 something men that was so lousy.
Thankfully, as said, we were no longer looking to meet men for any sort of relationship (especially notches on belts), but we did met Jane!

Jane threw a lovely party last night at the White Rabbit Lounge down on East Houston. Her friend Orion was tending bar and the staff who were taking care of us - did in deed take care of us. The apps they sent around were tasty too. No complaints. Seems a lovely time was had by all!!

Happy 30th Jane! Many happy returns!!!

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