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Friday, September 05, 2008



I bought tickets to the Times Talk with Anthony Bordain on June 23.
No tickets arrive.
I call the Food and Wine organization who runs the event and I'm told that tickets will be mailed end August.

All other tickets arrive as promised...but the tickets for ONLY THIS EVENT are through TICKET WEB.

I called them today to confirm all was sent out before I travel arriving home for this event on Oct 11.

OOOPS - There was a computer error. They took my money but didn't attach any tickets to the actual order and now the event is sold out. They "really apologize" but "sometimes with computers things happen and I should be pleased to be getting my money back."

Are you kidding me.

I rearranged my entire trip to come home FOR THIS EVENT...
and now I have no tickets?? They "cannot assist with out of pocket costs in any manor due to their error." So now I've cut my trip short to come home and NOT take my friend for his birthday to see Anthony Bordain?

Stay away from TicketWeb.
Now to write a letter to the New York Times.
They should use a more reliable ticketing service.

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