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Friday, January 09, 2009


I was so happy that Sandi and Jason were able to join me for dinner at Hagi followed by this amazing show! As always, [Sake Bar] Hagi was delish!The Pork with garlic sprouts was simple and fantastic . I have a difficult time finding the garlic sprouts in the US. Sometimes I can find them in Chinatown. What are they some have asked? Think chives but thicker and with a garlic flavor. Um - YUM! We of course got the Daikon Radish Salad with its million little eyes from the crispy tiny sardines that top it, a bowl of Pork Ramen, Bonito Sashimi, and grilled Hamachi (Yellowtail collar grilled and served with lemon. Perfect.)

I'm thrilled to have been able to see Patti LuPone in such a wonderful role as Mamma Rose last night. I'd been dying to see Gypsy for months when Monday an email popped up saying this was its last week. LAST WEEK! I sent out an email and a few friends were game to join me (thankfully the email also had discount codes!) Tuesday I dashed to the box office (to save the $10-$15 worth of per ticket fees) and got 3 of the last 10 tickets available. WOW!
It has been said long before now that LuPone was made for this role. She certainly gave it 110%. She must be exhousted at the end of each performance. Boyd Gains portrays an amazing
Herbie. You feel his pain and his love for Mamma Rose. Her more mild manored and wall floweresque daughter, Louise, is played beautifully by Laura Benanti. When she breaks out of her shell she transforms into a beautiful and sexy woman. Really well done.

What a wonderful night.

On the way out, crowds across the street were going crazy as Daniel Radcliff came out after performing in Equus. I'm hoping to see him before he leaves.

So many shows closing. Let's hope that Broadway figures a way to lower ticket prices during this economy before it's gone to a place of no return.

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