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Friday, May 30, 2008

Day 2 - PR Indian Wedding

Today was all about relaxing, getting some beach in and prepping for tomorrow!

I enjoyed some time under the big umbrellas oceanside.
No burning for me!! Jo and Manu arrived today with Theoden and we all moved into our own unit...which we got an upgrade on (you don't get it if you don't ask...I asked!)

A lovely spot directly overlooking the gazebo where the wedding will be tomorrow night!

Early evening we all rolled to the nearby watering hole for cocktails and to watch the sun set. I've given up on fighting curly hair in this climate! :-)

After the cocktails we headed back to Tiffany and Sandi's for some hot dogs and hamburgers and some more listening to the sounds of the ocean!

Perhaps even a cigar or two.

Wedding day coming up! Tomorrow!!! Yippee!

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