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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Modern Indian Wedding Anyone?

Day one

I was so touched to be invited to Karthika and Luis's wedding festivities in Isabella, Puerto Rico...and of course jumped at the chance to go!

Today I flew in, rented the car and food shopped.

Got to the resort and awaited the arrival of Radhika since I would be sharing a room with she and her parents for the first night.

A little lunch at the resort as I began to run into familiar and friendly faces. We headed to one of the Uncles suites for some lounging on the patio with beers and local fried yummies. Suddenly and with little warning...the rains hit -- typhoon strength!

The party dissolved rather fast and suddenly I was left wet and homeless!!

I dashed to my rental car where I turned on the heat so I could dry and waited for Radhika to arrive. Thankfully it was only a few hours nap before I got the call that they were here.

Dropped the bags, met up with the bride and drove her to her preliminary hair appointment in town.

You wouldn't think it could possibly take 3 hours to curl someones hair...but in this lovely little local spot she didn't have hot rollers or a large barreled curling iron...tick tick tick...Pre Pre-party at 8pm and counting.


Karthika's cell phone rings...the resort has no electricity. The party...the catered at a condo at this same resort. Slight bride worry...
Hair done after 3 hours of the both of us using our pidgen Spanish to define the needs. Dash back to the house. Change and dress in whatever we could easily do in the dark... and...voila...

The KICK OFF to festivites...


And...just as we all had realized how beautiful the party was by candle light...the power came back on!

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