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Sunday, April 20, 2008

3 Boroughs in 3 days

Let's see. Karaoke in Queens. Home cooked Indian food and movie night in Brooklyn...what to do to fill up my last Sunday in NYC before I fly back to China again after my 10 day lay-over at home?

Broadway it is!

My girlfriend DJ came down from Connecticut bringing her fiancé, Jeff, along! This was a momentous occasion. DJ and I met in college doing theater. It was love at first site. She was as big of a smart-ass as I was. We ended up dating roommates - so it's a good thing we liked each other. Later we were to be roommates ourselves, otherwise known as no peace and quiet but a whole lot of fun!

Why was this visit so momentous you ask? This was to be Jeff's - first - EVER- show (Broadway or other.) Yippee!! We decided that Mama Mia would be a good first show. Music he'd know and a lively beat. And since they are to be married May 10th - it was none to soon!!

But wait, there's more! DJ called me a few days before hand to let me know the party was going to get bigger! She had a coworker coming in from Brazil and another would be coming with them from Connecticut! Add in my two friends and we had a party!

After a lovely breakfast at Henry's the first 5 of us headed down to Time's Square for a short walk-about before meeting Karthika and Radhika at the theatre. The show was fun as promised and everyone enjoyed it! There will be more shows for Jeff! Yippee!

What next? An early (for NYC) dinner! We hopped on the 50th street subway and rode down to 34th street. After a short walk south east we arrived in Koreatown!! I proudly brought them to my favorite Korean BBQ joint - Kang Suh. I'd tried calling in a reservation a few times but the line was always busy.

It. Was. CLOSED for RENOVATION! One of it's employees was out front and directed us across the street to Won Jo. After settling in and ordering the food began to arrive.

First the small dishes. Then the loading of the charcoal into the BBQ's in the center of the two tables.

Soon the meat and the fish were lain on the grills to sounds of sizzling and crackling as we all breathed in the wonderful smells.

What to eat first? The roasted then pickled hot peppers? The bamboo or sprouts? And what about the lettuce? Ssäm of course -- where you wrap up meats and rice and bits from the small dishes into a lettuce wrap and chow down.


There were chopsticks grabbing left and right. Sounds of mumbling, yummings, laughing and just pure enjoyment. Really a lovely way to spend a Sunday. Won Jo was tasty, although I think they need to give more grilled veggies, they were quite different in many ways to Kang Suh. Rain check.

Thanks all for joining me on my last weekend in NYC for a little while!!

Time to pack!

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