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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Typhoon update

The winds came, along with VERY heavy rains last night...
This morning was windy too. Now the rain is taking a momentary rest and the winds have died down as the typoon crosses north of here heading towards the Yellow Sea (I think) were it could pick up more power before hitting Korea. (They've postponed the next matches at the Women's World Cup (soccer) -- the US is doing well too at last report!!)

The worst seemed to skirt the area of Shanghai that I was in.
Schools may be closed but the airport is open!!
(So no Typhoon Day (off) for us! <Grin>)

Marilyn (my vendor from Taiwan who is returning home today) and I are on our way to the airport a bit early. Roads were empty near the hotel but have picked up more cars as we approach the airport.

Now we ready ourselves for the possibility of the worlds longest (and most unorganized) free-for-all passport control/immigration line... (I have spent 3hrs to 20min waiting in that line!!)

The Pudong airport is in site!
Hong Kong here I come!
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