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Saturday, September 15, 2007

FO's and Knitting and eating and laughing OH MY!

After a long week (OK, so weeks in Italy aren't the same type of 'long' as in China...but I was up until 4am doing paperwork!!) here in Florence, I hopped into a taxi today to dash over to Tatiana and Jesus's home for a visit before heading onwards to China.

Let me stop here and apologize for the junk quality of some of my photos from this day...I had my camera on a bad setting and didn't realize it... Blah.

In case you forget who Tatiana and Jesus are... Tatiana and I met last April in Florence in a yarn shop and voila! :-) I arrived at their apartment in Scandicci (a close suburb of Florence central--- a mere 15 minute drive) and we lugged my bags, which really weren't that heavy, to the top floor. They live in the PENTHOUSE {hee-hee}...or at least on the top floor! After a quick tour we began to discuss knitting. For a gal who has just picked it up...Tatiana has taken to it as though it were a sport! It was as i love to see...knitting projects out in more than one room (just in case you have a moment for a few stitches!) She pulled out this fabulous sweater that she'd picked up at a local market and we dissected it...I'll hopefully write up a pattern for it later this fall --- it's a smart pattern and would be easy to make on big needles.

Jesus was out having a ride on his motorcycle...and when he arrived I nearly didn't recognize him -- he's shaved off his beard!! Both with and without, he still shows a lovely smile whenever his wife walks in the room as it should be!

They both are settling into the Florence area nicely, seemingly enjoying it more than their year in Milan. After a brief chat we three were off to the pizzeria for lunch! Being that it was fairly close, we were able to just walk on over. Upon walking into 'All' insegna del gallo', I began to laugh... I'd been there before!! They were surprised. Of all the restaurants OUTSIDE Florence they took me to one I'd been to before... I was NOT upset!! Not only had I been there before with my agent Carla (who lives around the corner from it herself), but on that trip, we went here 3 nights in a row because it was her favorite restaurant and the food is so tasty!!!

I was so hungry when the food arrived that I dove right in without taking a photo of the crisp crusted thin and delightful pizza. You see I'd chosen a few extra hours of sleep and waking up to finish my work so I could leave the laptop in the bag rather than eating breakfast! (Wise choice I think!!)

From here Jesus dashed to tinker with some treats he'd bought for his motorcycle and Tatiana and I gathered our knitting and walked to a local park. Grown mean and their young daughters were playing football (soccer)...teen age boys were revving their engines, showing off their radios and squeaking their tires as they left in the nearby parking lot...and old women walking in pairs were strolling along in the perfect afternoon air.

We sprawled out on the grass and dove into our knitting!!! Well...Tatiana dove into her knitting...I dove into the Kitchner Stitch and finishing up my Undulating Rib Socks! See!! Done!! It's been a while since I was able to post a FO!

Get a good look...the next project on the needles was inspired by these colors (actually I didn't realize I'd picked the same exact colorway until I arrived in Italy!!!)

Lovely chatting and hours later we walked to meet Jesus for some gelatto. Yum!!! From here we walked back to the homestead for some relaxing before dinner in Florence. Jesus was eager to try out the new helmet to helmet communication system he'd bought!!!

On the way there we stopped on the hillside above Florence for a view of the city at night. Always breath taking!!

A friend of Jesus's has recommended they try Semolina L'Osteria (50122-Firenze, Piazza Ghiberti 87r - Zona Sant'Ambrogio Tel: 055.2347584). A lovely suggestion indeed. Although we'd booked a table, there was a wait to be had...not unexpected on a Saturday night in a city where people actually sit and enjoy their food! We were seated outside between a few bustling parties. Pasta for everyone!!! Tatiana the duck pasta and both Jesus and I got the Lobster pasta which arrived at the table in one giant bowl for us to split. It was very tasty --- and a little spicy (which it didn't mention on the menu!) Thankfully both Jesus and I like spicy food!!! See that smile (and no beard!!)

We decided that it would be a better restaurant to attend on an early weeknight when it wasn't quite so bustling. That's not to downplay the food mind you...just the hustling atmosphere!

Before I knew it were were soaring through the mountains outside of Florence...apparently they close the easy way back into Scandicci every night around 11 or 12 so they can do road work. This means you must literally drive around the mountainside to come into Scandicci from another side...and you must take in even more beautiful views of the valley lit up at night.

When bed arrived...I was ready...what a fun day!!

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Blogger Sorka said...

Oh dear. All these Jesus and motorcycle comments just are tickling my funny bone today!
I am laughing up a storm!

1:49 PM

Anonymous eva said...

Both the fiber and the food look delish!

Thanks for the e-card!

12:26 PM


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