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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Saturday Night in China

It's quarter to 1am and I'm heading back to the hotel from the factory. Last night wiped me out a little. I worked until 2:30am. Why? Well, when you get a creative second wind, you run with it! I would have pushed through tonight, but I feel like I may be fighting off the start of a cold.

It was quite warm my few days in Hong Kong, but those days don't compare to the weather in China yesterday! Walking across the parking lot at the stop we made along the way...I was SURE that I really would melt! It's been so long since I was in China for weeks in that sort of heat -- I'm sorely out of practice!

On our way up to the factory we stopped in Lo Wu, otherwise known as shopping heaven!! First stop? Silk scarves!! I was not going for brands but quality & 100% silk, soft large scarves for my friend who's battling breast cancer to wear through chemo.

Lo Wu is fun! After you pick out what you'd like, you begin to play paying ping pong! The store clerk punches in each item's price into a calculator. You look at it, laugh and cut it in half. Their serve. This continues back and forth until I get my agreed price. Even then I know they are still likely making a ton of cash! (You can tell by their smug grins as you leave their shops.)

Scarves? Check!

Next stop was to peek at a great angular earth toned fall jacket/blazer we'd passed on our way in. It. Is. YUMMY! I picked up a few nice pieces, but Mag scored an amazing wool short wool coat (that I hope she packed to bring to Russia tomorrow!!) We scored 5pc ranging from that Georgous wool short coat and an A-lined interestingly seamed Elizabethan collared coat (perfect for the opera!) to a beautifully buttoned bolaro length satin jacket that will look perfect over a little black dress (also good for the opera!!) for 1800 RMB (down from the original offer of 2800 RMB). That's $240 USD. Considering the Wool coat Mag got...between the quality & workmanship...well, I could see it going for $450-700USD back home!

Lastly I popped around to a shop for a few Christmas gifts...shhhhh.

Then we dashed over to BBC for a bite. It's more of a Western styled cafe that offers up interesting takes on Western food and quick options of Asian food.

I had a chocolate milk. In the 7.5 years I've been coming here I've never seen chocolate milk (fresh milk + chocolate powder) offered on a menu. It was a yummy treat!!
After gobbling up our plates of Asian food we made the long hot walk back to the car and melted into the smokin hot leather seats for the final leg of the ride. It had warmed up since our pre-lunch arrival. The car read an outside temp of 38C (104F+/-)!! An hour-and-a-half later we arrived and I started into work.

Things are looking great so far as work goes!

I've a few surprises for my sales staff up my sleeve! Weeeeeeeeeee!

1:30am here in Dongguan, China! Time for bed...tomorrow comes all too soon!!

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