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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Exhausted But Energized
2:45am China time...just leaving the factory. I had all good intentions of leaving at 11pm. Then at 11:30pm I spaced out for a minute (or was it 20?) Almost like sleeping with your eyes open...I snapped out of it with a fresh burst of energy and...well...worked!

I'm psyched -- the line -- it is Planned! I'm not usually this mentally "planned out" for a few more weeks!

When I'm designing a new line, there are weeks where all I do is consume information. Books, webpages, magazines, trend reviews. Mentally exhausting! I spin through what feels like all of the stores in NYC and sometimes other cities. Then, all of a sudden, like a game of Tetris, the ideas twist, spin and fall into place, usually one at a time. It's a process that takes months... but tonight the bulk of it came rushing head-on and I was able to not only get it all down on paper...often difficult when the ideas come too fast (like remembering your dreams), but it all FIT. The ideas are whole, not pieced, and I'm hoping they will recharge my sales team in a time when business across the fashion industry and across the US is difficult. After all, we're all holding a little more money in our pockets than usual aren't we?

I also took a few minutes today to pop around to a few blogs -- I've gotten so behind on reading them!! So many of you are doing, reading, making and eating such cool things!

I don't have the links here in my blackberry...but I did bookmark a few and I'll try to get them up tomorrow! Thanks for sharing!!!

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Blogger Allena said...

congrats on everything falling into place. thanks for the e-card it was hilarious! hope you have a wonderful day!

7:57 PM


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