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Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Update - progress! Since the flight over here to China was on a brand new start-of-the-art entertainment packed flight...I thought I might be distracted and get sucked into a movie or two...

I was enjoying an episode of Anthony Bordain telling me all about the food in Indonesia when they announced they'd need to reboot the system because 10 seats didn't have working TVs. After the reboot, neither did anyone else. No radio. No TV. No games...and no lights. Well, not exactly, if you had your light on when they rebooted then it was ON...if not it wouldn't come on... for 5 hours. Then suddenly, all of the overhead spotlights came on...for the next 8 hours! Then, just as they were serving our meal...the lights went off. THe poor staff in having to deal with the situation. I know they had someone working on the problem for the entire 15 hours of the flight! We kept seeing our screens reboot...bad Red Hat for making a program that is so difficult to get to work!

What's a girl to do but knit, right? So, progress was made on my Undulating Rib Socks! I'm 6 rows from starting on the green heels!

I was also seated next to two swell fellas. One 10 years younger and the other 20 years younger than myself. Our conversations were often and entertaining and ranged from what to do in China and Hong Kong to Mandarin lessons from our youngest seatmate. Thanks guys!! It certainly wasn't a dull flight even with the lack of electronic entertaiment.

Mid-flight I peeked out the window and snapped a stream of photos of the polar ice up over the North Pole. Sooooo coool! Below are a few...more can be found HERE.
After landing, Mag met me at the airport in Hong Kong and we headed into China. First stop, DINNER!!! We had many of my usual favorites as well as a new steamed pork dish that was delicious!!!

If you want to see any of the food photos in a higher quality they can be found HERE.

When my head hit the pillow, it was ready for sleep!

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Anonymous nine said...

hello Kimberli,
I know you are in CHina just now but whenever you have a minute, would you be so kind and do me a favour : would you make a NYC yarn shop review for me ? I am planning a trip to NYC in early september and I would love to get some nice yarns from nice shops. So if you could let me know what your favourite shops are, that would be fantastic !!
Many thanks in advance and enjoy your trip in China.

3:19 AM

Blogger Kimberli said...

Hello Nine!
I have a list of reviewed
NYC yarn shops HERE:

Not on the list yet but worth a visit is School Products! I'll try to hit that one with a review after China!

Trims list:

Fabrics list:

and Notions:


3:32 AM

Anonymous nine said...

many, MANY thanks, you are just amazing...
will look into the list right away
ciao ciao !

11:07 AM


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