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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Mumbai - Day 1

Part III: Weaving and the Hep Cat
Besides the dying (Part I) and print (Part II) sections, the factory also had a small area set up with looms.

It was here that new weave ideas are born. Sample swatches for customer consideration are made with care. One-of-a-kind finely detailed designs. The two gentleman who toil over the looms seem to do it happily. Once a pattern is decided upon by a customer it will be made by automated weaving machines, but I like the control they have to figure out new patterns by hand.

Their manager also sat with a smile upon his's he a Hep Cat? I LOVED his outfit and was so happy when Dan asked him if he could take his photo.

What a great factory visit!!! 6+ hours later it's lunch time!!! On we go!

Lunch was yummy!! Some dishes a weee bit spicy, but all the better when picked up with the naan. The naan had just arrived at the table at this point...that when you switch to eatting everything with naan rather than a fork.

When in India...

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