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Friday, December 01, 2006

Great Friends

Jo and Emanuel invited me over tonight to join them and two of their friends for some delicious Chinese home cooking by Jo. She made a wonderful meal - an amazing chicken and great veggies. Then a white fungus (mushroom) dessert that was tasty (she even sent me hone with some!)
After dinner we looked over some movie options we decided to play some Taboo. Very funny to play Taboo with folks who don't speak American English as their first language...who knew there was that much slang in the game? Watching Radhika try to get Emanuel to say "Barney" too funny.

Radhika just too a knitting class with my friend Lisa - small world! Hopefully Radhika will join us at an SnB soon!

A final note of Congratulations. Dan texted me today that he got into Columbia University. A career altering and life changing achievement for sure. I hope this relieves some weight from his shoulders. Perhaps it will help.


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