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Friday, November 24, 2006

No Title Fits

Things here have been busy... it's the only way I know how to get by...busy.
When I stop, even for a moment, sadness sets in.

The photo shoot for my next book (Autumn/Winter 2006) is what I've poured most of my time into.
We shot one day down at the Seaport…

And one day at Trinity Church down on Wall Street…so beautiful!

My new team (Producer, hair/makeup, photographer & team and my old stylist), they were wonderful! Thanks all! I’ve spent that last few days (and the next few ahead) writing all of the text between the pages. It’s going to be the BEST book we’ve ever done.

I just have to finish it by Tuesday…I can’t believe I fly to London in 8 days to present this new line. Where did the fall go?

I finished the tradional family Christmas stocking for my Nephew…with a little help from my boys. Yes, that is all three of them relaxing on me as I sew in the ends. The stocking is a pattern that my Mom made one of for my father, brother, herself and myself back in the 60s and 70s…and I’ve made one now for my Sister-in-law, niece and nephew.
I’ve begun to knit what I hope will be a holiday gift --- if I get it done in time…it’s a surprise.

Thanksgiving I had been planning to be in Oregon for Thanksgiving since July. It’s been a very difficult week. I had no energy to cook for Thanksgiving and took up a dear friend on her invite for my folks and I to join she and her father at his house up in the Bronx. They saved the day. A very nice invite and a lovely meal.

Keeping Busy…Today my folks and I walked over to check out a new LYS named YARNTOPIA a that has opened in my neighborhood. It was a “soft opening” as the store isn’t quite ready (the owner says she thinks 3 weeks more before the place is all a go.) My Yelp review is found here.

Hoping to distract myself further, Jo and Emanuel came over to join us for dinner tonight (I swear a moment before I took teh photo everyone had huge smiles on their faces!!) Jo and Emanuel are both now back from their wedding in Singapore. Congrats!!! Looks like it was a wonderful event! Glad to have you back! We jetted out to see Casino Royale (The new 007 film) after they all enjoyed dinner. The movie…It was pretty good. I liked the new 007 - beautiful eyes.
Tomorrow my folks and I will go to see Losing Louie (a fairly new Broadway show that has gotten mixed reviews...but we got $3 tickets so - how bad can it be?) I’ll let you know how it is.

This week also marks M’s 8th birthday. A celebration I’ve been planning to be a part of since July as well. It saddens me that Dan and M will not be coming to NH for Christmas. M had been so excited at the possibility of having a snowy white Christmas. I had looked forward to sharing it with her.
I have months of plans ahead that I will miss, pass on…or now do alone.

My body seems to be revolting. Both my hip and shoulder have worsened rather than lessened. The hip, it is thought, could be from the spill we had in Bermuda on the moped in August, and the shoulder may be my body trying to make up for the hip. I see an orthopedic surgeon this week.
Although food hasn’t been so much on my mind, I’ve been trying to drink more water and the kidney pain has begun to lessen. Time will tell.

When life gives you lemons I’ve always thought it was time to make lemonade.
Sadly, it still seems I’ve forgotten what the recipe is.


Blogger J. said...


1 part sad
4 parts hope

mix and wait.

hang in there bella, that's all you can do

3:31 PM

Anonymous Dani said...

Aw sweetie - the pain you are feeling is quite normal, and as J posted above, the only things you need for your lemonade is the hope... if you are feeling short n it, I have as much as you need that I will gladly share with you. I know in my heart you will find your way thru this - I am seldom wrong on my gut instincts on people, and you know how special I have always thought you are!

Let me know if I can do anything at all!

2:12 PM

Blogger Nessie Noodle said...

The new book stuff looks like a ton of fun, and work too, but that this part must be really exciting.
Good luck to you!


12:22 AM

Blogger Gewel said...

Thanks for the glimpse of Duane Reade... It's still the thing I miss most about NYC.

And sad is healthy... It just sucks to work through it.

9:33 AM


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