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Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Firstly, is anyone else out there having one heck of a rotten time with Blogger these days? It keeps losing my entries. Grrrr.

I have filled every night this week with something to avoid as much time home alone in tearville as possible.

Tonight Michelle and I journeyed down to St. Marks for a bite at a wonderful Japanese k'bob spot - Yakitori Taisho - YUM! It reminded me of ones I visit in Tokyo. Tasty and affordable to boot. We'll both go back!

From there we dashed to the East 13th Street Theater to see a performance of The Milliner. It was quite good. Beautiful hats and a captivating story.

Finishing the night off? Sure - we went to Cosi to toast some marshmallows for S'mores while sipping peppermint tea and having wonderful conversation (as always.)Thanks for a nice night my friend. Mwah.


Blogger Nik said...

I have a problem with blogger all the time. I have taken to copying my text before I click "publish" so that if there is any problem, I can enter it again.

1:52 PM


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