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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Since I can't sit still...

Why not go out. My friend joined me at this months Yelp Elite party at Lea.
I forgot to pull out the camera until I was walking out when we snapped this shot of Sam and I. Sam's the community manager for NYC. Damn he's tall (I've got 5" heels on!) :-)

After the mingle, Allegra and I walked over to Mama Mexico's for a light bite at the bar. (It was much much faster and quieter than the long wait for a table!) The food as always was delicious -- and the company as always was great! Thanks Allegra!


Blogger Sorka said...

oooh Im'a liking that hat! good to see you getting out! Go girl go!

2:17 PM

Anonymous Jen said...

Wow! You're lookin' pretty hot there Missy, blue eyes and all!
Knock em dead!!!

2:52 PM


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