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Monday, November 27, 2006


I walked into the week hoping to be strong enough for a new beginning. I'm not there yet.
I am lucky to say that I have the best friends a girl could ask for. They call, drag me out of the house...just what's needed. When I'm home alone, I'm in tears more often than not. Still...weeks later, I'm feeling no better than I was 7 weeks ago.
It hurts the same amount. I miss him all the more, not less each day.

He is missing out on some wonderful things in my life...and I say that without ego - I just still believe he'd be happier with me than he is without me.
I know I'd be volumes happier to still have him in my life.

On to happier moments...
Tonight Juliet invited me to join her and her family on an outing to watch her husband perform at the Lincoln Center Winter Festival. Mark is quite a one man band for sure (see photo above to see what I mean!) He plays through, mostly children's music. And the kids -- they had a BALL singing and dancing with him as you see to the right.

I also have wonderful friends across the waters...thank you to my dear team in China that sent me this... a box of wonderful chocolates. They know how sad I am and thought since there are no words that can help, why not add chocolate (all that's missing is bacon.) Thank you my dear friends. I will nick away at the box. I still have no appetite, but there always seems room for a chocolate treat.

Your kindness and thoughtfulness is so very appreciated.


Blogger Nessie Noodle said...

you crack me up... 'all thats missing is bacon'
comfort food huh?
yes bacon can solve anything, well usually. it is like the duct tape of foods one might say- put on a samich, put in your quiche, put it in your soup.. see duct tape.

11:47 AM


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