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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Pajama Game

So...what was in the packages? My first order from KnitPicks...and the book Self-Made Man.
It will all have to wait a bit... but I'll get to it soon!

CARDI UPDATE: Sleeves done! Now it's time for the finishing...and lots of it!
My Great Aunt Ann came to town today and we'll enjoy yhe next few nights out together. FUN! We started our night at La Rivista...a standard fare Italian restaurant that hit the spot. After dinner we dashed to 42nd Street to see The Pajama Game. Kelli O'Hara is fantastic. She seems to have a great chemistry with Harry Connick, Jr. who makes his Broadway acting debut in this revival. Both Ann and I thoroughly enjoyed the show. The audience is treated to some jazz piano at the fingertips of Mr. Connick. Simply fun. If you're in town, do check it out before it closes...I do believe it's a limited engagement.


Anonymous Dani said...

How funny - I had a Great Aunt Ann too - she was a super fun lady! She lived in England but came to NY to visit often! She lived to 91 (maybe 92?) and had a wondeful exciting life =)

Sounds like you have fun with yoru Great Aunt Ann too =)

11:54 AM


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