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Monday, January 30, 2006

Monday night Molyvos

Tonight Allegra and I went to Molyvos, a Greek Restaurant in the Theatre District...
it was participating in the NYC Restaurant Week. I'd heard their Mezze plates were GREAT!
Sadly...nothing remotely Mezze was on their Restaurant Week Menu (3 courses for $35), a menu which should, in my mind, showcase what the restaurant has to offer to draw you back again after restaurant week to spend more of your hard-earned money.
Molyvos fell short... the Lentil Soup was tasty. It came with a Lagana bread, toasted and some olive tapenade. I'm allergic to olive meat (olive oil is A-OK) and I asked to have the tapenade spread left off... instead they just decided not to bring the bread.
The Lahano Dolmades (Cabbage Leaves Filled with Ground Lamb, Beef, Pork & Arborio Rice with Spiced Yogurt Garlic Sauce)... the garlic sauce was distracting...just OK.
The dessert I did have a glass of wine that was decent...but the waitor never came back to us with what it was called...he just asked what we like from Italian wine and brought us what he thought we'd like. was good...I would have loved the name of a Greek Wine that I liked.
Basically - I can't recommend the place to anyone...perhaps at some point I'll go back and try the Mezze Plate...

It was lovely to catch up with a dear friend and a treat to have her Mom join us for dessert.
It's just too bad that the food was a disappointment.


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