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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Knitting Fun!

This is the new addition to the Hong Kong Airport. It's about 2 stories tall.

After landing at Newark I raced home, changed up and dashed out to dinner at Patsy's Pizza <-- still my favorite!!! Their Insalat Mista (garden salad) is fantastic -- everything is served family style. Morgan had never been -- so it was about time!!! After a quick bite and chat she went her way and I went... To the 4th anniversary celebration for the Upper West Side Knitters! YEAH!!!!

I don't get to stop by on Wednesday nights all that often...certainly not often enough! What a great celebration! Thanks to Judi and her team for a great event, and to Starbuck's for the free coffee for all!

Feels so good to be home!

Cardigan update... Back and front are finished and the sleeves are nearing their comletion! Weeeeeeee! Cheers all!


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