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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Seeds of Change

The sun is shining in NYC! The birds are singing, my apple tree is in bloom and it's time (almost overdue) to plant some seeds. I've decided to try out Burpee's new "Ultimate Grow System." I'll be letting you know what I think of it as time goes by. Today let's talk about setting it up.

I ran through the directions and set up the first of two. I have the following comments.

1. Before you do anything, dump out the soil pellets from the growing container and flip it over. Carefully cut out the draining/watering holes that didn't get fully punched out in manufacturing. This will save you from soil spillage later once it's full.

2. Place the seed pellets, one per hole. Place them flat. They expand upwards/downwards. If they flip on their sides they don't expand enough.

It's easy as pie to set up.

I planted 2 flats after work & before dinner!

I planted a variety of things from flowers to herbs to vegetables. I'll be in and out of NYC and the country over the next 5 weeks so we'll see how the self-waterer does! I hope to be planting them all end of May!

It's places in the sun... Hoping the cats leave it alone!!

Once everything was planted I dashed out the door and across the park to meet Lisa at Cafe D'Alsace. Yummy steak frites -- 10 oz. Black Angus Hanger Steak with bone marrow, red wine sauce and fries -- although the marrow was only eh)...lousy waiter. We had smelled truffle oil and asked what dishes on the menu had it. He replied saying it wasn't on the menu and must be on the paella. When we balked "truffle oil on shellfish?" He said, of course and walked away. After reading it, there were two items on the menu with truffle oil... he really should know the single page menu better. They have only one special per day and it's a rotating weekly special (paella always on Thursdays.) That wasn't "terrible" just lousy knowledge of his menu. He continued to be a sub-par waiter and slightly annoying.
The food was tasty though and the evening was just what I needed.

Now to go pack for my trip to Sacramento! The car to the airport comes in 4 hours!!

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Blogger Sorka said...

I got the same system 2 years ago and it worked pretty well! Unfortunately once I got my plants OUTside they didn't do as well.. sigh..

9:46 PM


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